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Porter Case is a leading provider of custom computer cases and rolling suitcases designed to be convenient carry-on luggage. Don't take our word for it though. Many of our customers and trade professionals have shared their feelings about their Porter Cases.

" I have had my original Porter Case for more years than I can remember. It has been around the world certainly more than 10 times, and I'm not talking easy travel. Since I am an adventure travel host it has been with me to the tops of mountains in New Guinea, the Islands of the Solomons, and the jungles of central and south America, not to mention the streets of New York and London. It is INDISPENSABLE, period. Even the little things like using it as a seat, quite handy when waiting for a plane on a dirt strip, in the sun, for 4 hours! I have worn out 2 sets of wheels and think it is finally time to retire it, though I should probably have it bronzed. Baggage handlers hate me as I usually max out the 200lb capacity which really cuts into their tips! Anyone who travels without a Porter Case needs Psychiatric help. "

- Jack LaPenta

"My old case is still rolling along and does show some wear and tear, but still does the job. Marty, our production manager, lost one of his wheels. He did a great fix by drilling the axle and pining the wheels with cotter keys. That's about the worst that's happened in many years of hard use. I still get comments on the case. I don't know how I could get along without it."

- Dick Smothers
(the Smothers Brothers have been using Porter Cases since 1992)

"I travel 8 months a year and have been a Porter Case fan since 1995. The special CART feature has saved my back in many locations around the world. I normally roll my "must have" stuff on board in my Porter Case and check the heavier baggage. Where ever I land I can just roll the case up to the conveyer belt and load my luggage on top of the case. I do not need to have the help of a Skycap. In the airport I load my camera bag on the top and I am out the door to the taxi. When I arrive at my hotel I do not need the assistance of a porter I can go directly to my room because the Porter case allows pieces to be stacked high. The Porter case makes traveling so easy that it has become an essential part of my equipment."

- Steve McCurry,
Photographer, National Geographic
(Afghan Girl 1985,

"I again thank you for the wonderful case. It has now flown many thousands of miles as I flew into Sweden and took a cruise ship to St. Petersburg, Russia and flew out of Copenhagen. I have just returned from Alaska and it worked just great. I love that it turns into a "CART" because I always have more luggage returning with me. I showed the case to one United pilot and two American Flight Attendants and they loved the "sturdiness" of the case. It sure is a winner and I'm delighted to be able to have this Porter Case!"

- Betty Hollingsworth,
CTC, Uni-World Travel

"Professionals serving professionals. Enough said about Porter Cases. I travel extensively throughout the country for corporate and magazine clients and Porter Cases keep me moving. No need for baggage handlers or looking for rental carts - I am on my way to the shoot. When I am in need of a very rare repair I can email them and they reply immediately - none of those automated, we'll get back with you in 48 hour responses. They are on the look out for my Porter Case and get me back on the road and in business - pronto."

- Shawn Spence,
Professional Photographer,

"I just wanted to write to you and say THANK YOU! I sent my bag in for repair and it came back a brand new bag - just in time for me to pack it and get off on my next trip. I so much appreciate you for taking such good care of me! I would have been lost without it! I still remember the first bag I purchased from your company - it was at the trade show at the New England convention - a LONG time ago. I remember thinking that it was expensive but seemed to look like it would do a good job protecting my computer and it had the added bonus of being able to be used as a luggage CART for my other suitcase, so I sprung for it and have never purchased or even looked at another bag for my equipment since. Your product is sturdy, comfortable to travel with and designed with the frequent flyer in mind - and you have great customer support. Thank you! (And, I even get lots of comments on it in the airports - like "Wow! That's a great bag - where did you get it?") So, I hope I have sent you lots of customers."

- Jane Cz,
Photographer, Artist & Teacher,

"Let me first start by telling you what an AMAZING product you have. I was first introduced to your product by a rep in our office about 5 years ago, now 5 reps have them and could not get along without our Porter Case, Seriously. Gone are the days of LUGGING heavy bags and computer cases through the airports. I even place my wife's wheeled suitcase on my Porter Case when we travel! Thank you."

- Wes Little,
National Sales Manager,®

"I highly recommend the Porter Case. I had back surgery so I have to be careful how I carry things and how I move. I travel a lot and attend many trade shows and my Porter Case II has been a lifesaver for me. It makes traveling easy even with three heavy bags. The fact that it has room to store stuff in it is just a bonus to me because the ability to walk with as much gear as I need to take with me on each trip is enough for me to be a lifetime client. Thanks for a great product and also for the great service you provide."

- Rich Hirschinger, DDS, MBA CEO

"This is my third Porter Case. The first two are still my favorite choices when I travel. I wish I had photographs of the faces I've encountered around the world when I flip open the case and load my massive dive gear on top and stroll away.... Thanks for a great product. "

- Dana Africa

"I have been a user since about 1994 and never travel without a Porter Case."

- DJ LaDez, General Manager

"I discovered you guys about two years ago through an internet search. For the past twenty years i have been dragging myself and various pieces of gear and luggage around the world. i have tried everything out there. the Portercase changed my life. It still sucks to live out of a suitcase but this sensible little case/cart makes it a lot easier. I tried to figure out how many miles I traveled with my first one before the handle busted. i lost count pretty fast. I will tell you that without a doubt mine has completely circumnavigated the earth 3 times. That doesnt include the countless miles up and down hotel corridors and through airports. People just freak out when I button up the mobile office, flip it down and pile hundreds of pounds of luggage and gear on it, and whistle while i wheel comfortably out the door. You guys truly hit the nail on the head with this one. Seperate carts never work because they always get damaged or lost. The Portercase is the only way to go."

- Patrick Earle, Tour Manager

"Just a side notes the large computer case and the large camera case I bought at the WPPA show last year are the best cases I have ever owned. I travel all over the country and my studios are on location every day and we will be getting more cases at the shows this year."

- Pat Cahill, WPPA Trade Show Chair

"I just traveled with my Porter Case for the first time last week and it was awesome. I really impressed my wife when I opened it up and put her suitcase on top of mine and carted it around for her. "

- Dan Walsh, Editor

"I would like to communicate my appreciation Porter Case and in particular to Vickie Klinger for helping me with a problem with my Porter Case. SouthWest Airlines managed to remove one of the wheels from my case and were completely uninterested in the fact that they had damaged my case (not to mention what damage might have been done to the $2000 worth of computer and network equipment inside. I called and talked to Vickie and she immediately sent new wheels out. For some reason (I choose to believe SouthWest is responsible) the wheels would not fit on the axle (presumably it was mangled by the aforementioned airline). Vickie quickly sent out a new set of wheels and an axle. After a numerous days of lugging a heavy container to client sites, I have Vickie to thank that I can now roll my equipment around along with other boxes without breaking a sweat. Thank you, Vickie. I am now a lifetime Porter Case client and when I wear this one out I will buy another one. Even before this event, I tell everyone about my Porter Case (although often times it is because they ask about the incredible case I am rolling around). I love my Porter Case and wouldn't think of traveling with my laptop in any other way (I am however thinking about traveling with out SouthWest). "

- Robert Pierce, Corinth, TX

"I've used my current Porter Case since 1996 and, unfortunately, Delta's baggage handlers have not seen fit to treat it nicely. After deplaning from a small jet one day I watched in horror as one of the ground crew pulling the "planeside" luggage out of the hold threw my Porter Case and the computer inside over the top of a cart piled at least six feet high with luggage. The case and the computer both survived the drop off the other side of the cart onto the concrete. The case has become somewhat warped and on my most recent trip, Delta managed to rip off one of the "feet" on the case. This is a great product and has saved my back more than once."

- Walt Nixon, Allentown, PA

"The Platinum Traveler… Yes, that’s me… Traveling from one end of the country to another, not to mention the Orient, Europe, North and South Americas… and as a consultant, educator and photographer, having to organize all kinds of equipment for a variety of assignments and presentations. Over the years I’ve come up with various means to attach a train of luggage as I would travel from city to city, country to country or even terminal to terminal and at the amazement of many comments from well wishers, I thought I was on the top side of innovative travel (traveling fool I was). That is until I started using the Porter Case products to help me organize travel. What a difference it is to travel these days with a Porter Case… if you see me now, no longer will I hear traveling fool comments from well wishers but now I hear comments such as “Smart, very smart”… yes, not only do I feel as if I’m a smart traveler these days, but just the event to make my travel easy from plane to plane, terminal to terminal, or convention center to hotel… what a difference a Porter Case makes… Just yesterday I was amazed at how much I could stack on top of my Porter Case and move easily through elevators, walkways and very long terminals to check in for my flight after a 10 day trip. I find the Porter Case to be just the right size … Big enough to carry a variety of equipment and small enough to fit in the overhead bin. The next time you see me traveling, giving a seminar, workshop or even a shoot… I’m sure you’ll agree… that the way I travel these days is “Smart, very smart” with my Porter Case."

- Eddie Tapp, M.Photog.,Cr.,MEI,API,CPP

"I can't imagine going back to traveling without Porter Cases. They are the one essential photographic accessory in my equipment collection. I never go anywhere without at least one of them."

- Bob Shell, Editor At Large and industry consultant

"I've used Porter Case for years when traveling with gear. The handle and wheel system makes it a breeze to use it as a dolly, not to mention that it offers maximum protection for valuable mics and other accessories on the inside."

- Kevin Becka, Editor

"I just want to let you know that the case is awesome. I can’t see myself traveling without it again. All these years gone past without your case. What’s up with that?"

- Billy Hollems

"As a professional mariner, I travel a lot, usually with several heavy bags. Several years ago, while surfing the internet at home, I saw your product featured at Celestaire's website. I had my wife, Janet, buy it for me as a birthday present shortly afterwards. All in all, it's one of the best things she's ever gotten for me. It easily handles my luggage, stows overhead or underseat, and becomes a convenient seat in an airline terminal when all the others are taken. Finally, when one of the wheels came off, all I had to do was notify you. I was promptly sent replacement parts with no questions asked, except for which model it was. Simply put, it has been the best investment in luggage I've ever made. Yours is a stellar product that all but eliminates the sweat factor inherent in travelling. Major kudos!!! Everyone one I work with is impressed when they observe my Porter cases's capabilities first-hand. "

- A Very Grateful Customer, John Reid

"The Porter Case is invaluable for my travels. I find it very handy to use as a dolly. The PorterCase is very sturdy, easy to maneuver and we've been able to carry our two 50 lb. duffles on top of the case and cruise through the airport. I always feel confident that our equipment will arrive at our destination safe and secure."

- Art Wolfe, President

"There is no better case than Portercase! We own FIVE of them at our studio and use them for EVERYTHING: cameras, computer, data projector, video equipment, and especially as the most durable carry-on bag ever invented! Not having to rent those huge carts in all the airports we travel through (and no more tips for careless baggage porters!) has paid for every one of these fine pieces of luggage. We have made a CASE for the BEST: Portercase!"

- Michael J. Ayers, President

"I'm a children's author and on the road 250-300 days a year. I've had a Porter Case for the last five years, and I just want to say thanks. I LOVE my Porter Case. I'm a on-man-show and travel with a suitcase, a complete sound system, microphones, a computer, a projector, and more. Without my Porter Case, I simply couldn't do it. "

- Brod Bagert, Author

"...have I told you lately how much I love my Porter Case? have no idea.. or maybe you do.. how much you save my back each time I get to the airport, check in, and pick up my luggage.. while others are juggling all those bags.. I smugly pop open my Porter Case and go merrily on my way.."

- Bambi Cantrell

"I've traveled all over the world with one of your cases and it has performed flawlessly. I wouldn't be without it!!! Thanks for making a great product."

- Jeffrey J. Bonomo
The Boeing Company, St. Charles, MO

"I love my Porter case! I fly somewhere every weekend. Prior to receiving my Porter case I had to lift a 69 1/2 pound shipping case and hand carry it to airport check in, because often I could not find the rental carts that are available at most airports for 3 dollars per usage. I had to manage this box along with my suitcase and carry-on. Now, I use my Porter case as a luggage cart. It has high strength, easy mobility and high stability. I place the box and the luggage on the Porter case easily wheeling it to check in. I then take the Porter case on board the plane as my carry-on. I appeared in 55 cities this summer and the Porter case was with me every step of the way -- and it's still looks like brand-new! This is a wonderful invention to ease the travelers load in these times of difficult check-in procedures. "

- Christopher Ian Chenoweth

"After using a Porter Case for years, I mistakenly thought there was nothing to compare. It allows me to travel with ease , carrying onto aircrafts my electronic gear for speaking as well as transporting two checked shipping containers, often weighing up to 139 pounds with my books. Much to my delight, I discovered your customer service is as outstanding as your cases are. Rather than having to ship my case back for a minor repair, you sent me the necessary part for a simple repair even without an inquiry of the purchase date. In the event I needed to ship the case back, I was ready to purchase another, so I wouldn't miss having my Porter Case with my frequent travels. I might leave home without my American Express Card, but not your Porter Case. Kudos! "

- M. Tray Dunaway, MD, FACS, Surgeon and Author

"In the fall of 2002, I, along with another photographer Doug Box, embarked on an agressive multi-city photographic lecture tour called The Power Of Light. We flew on 34 airplanes, covered 38,000 miles in the air and on the ground and spent 42 nights in hotels...all in a 60 day period. The coolest part of this tour was the fact that all of our equipment needed for the programs easily piled up on our twin Porter Cases. Both of us use these cases daily in our indiviual travels, but the wear and tear of this tour was an even greater testing ground for the workmanship...Congratulations to Gary and all at Porter Cases for making not only such quality product but a design which we truly need...."

- Tony L. Corbell, President of Corbell Productions

"I thought that I was going to retire from professional photography after over 50 years in the business. That was before I discovered Porter Cases! These cases have taken the load off of me and made it so easy for me to move me and my equipment from one place to another, I just couldn't resist the temptation of sticking around to see what's gonna happen next! I have two cases. One carries all my digital gear. The other carries my digital projector. Between...or should I say... On top of these two cases I carry everything else that I need to travel with. Having a wheeled case that converts in SECONDS to a U-Haul trailer is a photographers dream! But with these cases the dream has become a reality. I love 'em! Warning: Don't try to be inconspicuous when going thru an airport. Everyone is going to stare at your Porter Case, ask you about it and how they can get one. Even the airline hostesses are commenting! Yes, Porter Case has kept me in business...and I'm very happy to say that they've kept my equipment in great shape, too! "

- Monte Zucker, Master Photographer

"Your Porter Case is the best thing to come my way since I began traveling on business in 1997. As I usually travel with a lot of training material, I used to struggle through airport lines, break a sweat on my way to and from my vehicle, and be completely worn out by the time I arrived at my destination. With your Elite Computer Case, I simply stack on my boxes and suitcase and go! Since it is rated at over 200 pounds, it handles the weight of my supplies and luggage just fine, and I have found the balance point of the wheels in 'cart' mode is perfect for what I usually stack on. And I love not having to worry about the wheels coming apart! I was in England last year when the cheap rubber wheels separated from one of my old primary suitcases, and I was stuck dragging my bags around the public transportation system. NOT FUN!! Every time I use my Porter Case I am thankful I don't have to ever deal with the sweat and the strain of manhand! ling my luggage around again. Thank you for your wonderful product and service after the sale! And to show you that I truly mean it, and that you didn't 'put words in my mouth,' to get an endorsement, I give you permission to reproduce any portion of, or this entire note to show the heartfelt and sincere goodwill of one VERY satisfied customer. Thanks!! "

- Kasey Wertheim

"I bought a Porter Case five or six years ago. The case has been around the world with me several times. It never fails to raise eyebrows when I unlatch it and flip it over to act as a cart. I am preparing for several more global jaunts and am preparing to purchase a new Porter Case. You guys rock. I couldn't do it without my Porter Case. Keep up the good work. "

- Roger Kasten Jr
LSI Logic Storage Systems, Wichita, KS

"As a manufacturer's rep for Sanyo projectors, I ship expensive projectors all around a 12 state region. So far I have been shipping them in the cardboard box they came in with terrible results. I saw the ATA cases on the Portercase web site, and being an owner of the Elite case that I have had for years I figured it would be adequate. When I got the ATA case I was stunned at how sturdy and light weight this case is and how nicely it fits on my Elite roll about Porter case! Great job! I would certainly recommend buying one, especially with the stowaway divider pack to make this case adapt to multiple pieces of equipment! "

- Rick Williams, President, Central Marketing, Inc.

"I did check out the new PCX Lite Standard Case with CART ...obviously the original was a bit easier to make into a cart, but you did a great job, especially for the price.  A suitcase and a cart!  So Clever.  And for just about $100, it's a great value!"

- Dick DeBartolo

" Thank you for your prompt reply. I am excited about your new PCi models. They include some great enhancements. It is nice when a company is so responsiveness to its customers.

I have to say my head photographer and I LOVE your cases. Incredible design and functionality. I assure we use the cart feature on most of our photo shoots. On one of my trips I ran into another passenger who had one your cases. He also raved about the design and durability of your cases.

As I mentioned in my email I have had a new PCII PHPL sitting in the box waiting to be put into use when one of my original two cases (2005) eventually needed to go back for repair. It has been sitting on a shelf in the original sealed box since May 2007. It is quite a testament to the quality of your cases. I will now take it off the shelf to use while I send one of the other cases for repair. "

- Gary Limmroth, General Manager, ZAP Foto

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