Elite Saddlebag ($34.95)    

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Elite Saddlebag

Elite Saddlebag - was designed to make your on board trip more enjoyable. It is perfect for tickets, jacket, overcoat, umbrella, reading materials, music, snacks, etc. A special reinforced loop slides over the extension handle and lets the Saddlebag ride piggyback on top of your case. Just roll it down the aisle of the airplane and when you get to your seat, slide off the Saddlebag and put it under the seat in front of you. Then place your Porter Case up into the overhead compantment. It has 400 denier double wall construction with light padding in between. There is a zippered main storage compartment 4" x 17" x 14" wide, and a smaller outside storage compartment with a Velcro'd security flap that will hold tabloid size papers, embroidered Logo, and adjustable shoulder strap with grip. A great travel companion for easy access to those items you aways want during your flight!