PCi Camera Divider w CART ($323.00)    

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PCi Camera Divider w CART
The new injection molded PCi Camera Divider Case with CART is engineered as a hard side rolling wheeled US airline carry-on luggage case that easily rolls down the aisle of an airplane and will fit under many seats and/or in overhead compartments. This customizable case is perfect to carry on your most delicate expensive items.

The PCi Camera Divider case interior has a sheet of convoluted foam with an elastic cross over strap in the lid, a cloth covered outer foam ring with multiple adjustable dividers and a sheet of high density closed cell foam in the bottom so you can customize it for your special photographic, projection or other equipment.

We designed the PCi by combining the best features of our original Porter Case, with years of customer feedback and requested enhancements to give you a revolutionally easy travel experience.

The PCi cases offer a new TSA combination lock which allows you to safely lock your case and check it, when when required (if TSA needs inside, they have a pass key). We added single button controls to the extension handle system and embedded it below the top surface, a water/dust resistant gasket, spring loaded side and end carrying handles, a new extension handle lock for the CART position, tough PP construction, 4 ball bearing wheels, and more.

Before and after the trip, the real magic of Porter Case luggage is the built in CART feature. Lift up on the extension handle release and the heavy duty luggage trolley instantly appears to carry up to 150 pounds of extra suitcases, boxes, bags, tools or sales materials. Even skis or golf clubs! No more looking for a Skycap, airport cart rental, or Bellman. No more tipping. Porter Case is an invisible CART, a protective carry on, even a seat. It works equally well with trains, planes, ships or autos. With Porter Case your cart is always there. . . when you need it.

Standard Features

  • US airline carry on size for full size planes
  • Weight approximately 11 pounds (5kg)
  • TSA combination draw lock
  • Water/dust resistant gasket
  • High Flotation 4" x 1.25" ball bearing wheels (9.95cm x 3cm)
  • Solid 3/8" steel axle (1 cm)
  • Exterior: 22" x 14" x 9" (56cm X 35.5cm X 25.5cm high)
  • Interior: 19.25" x 11.37" x 8" 16.37 end to wheel well (49cm x 29cm x 20cm high 415cm end to wheel well)
  • Retractable spring loaded and end, side carrying handles
  • Carries up to 150 pounds on top (68 kg)
  • Customizable
  • 3 year limited warranty

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